Tamar Braxton Misses President Barack Obama - Here's Her Message

Tamar Braxton Misses President Barack Obama - Here's Her Message
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Tamar Braxton is another celebrity who chose to post something related to Barack Obama for Donald Trump's birthday. Check out what she posted on her social media account below.

'Chile, we been out here thugging it out every since you left🤦🏽‍♀️.. ain’t the same out here in these White House streets. It used to smell like bond 9 in the halls.... I bet it smells like mothballs now🤔 #wemiss44 ✊🏾' Tamar captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This is such a perfect description of our new norm.'

A follower told Tamar: 'Lmfaooo I’d pay for a comedy special of just you cutting up,' and someone else wrote: 'Had them halls smelling like The Scent of Peace, now it’s smelling like Old Spice and Axe mix together.'

Someone else posted: 'I remember Miss Evelyn saying she wanted someone that walked like Obama. You have to be very specific and intentional with the universe!' and one other follower said: 'Frfr somebody tell Michelle to run for president we got her!'

Another follower posted: 'I hope you don't unite his status with the Floyd story because the spotlight is on Blackman.'

One other follower said: 'Happy Obama day! Wish you were still in charge! This world is out of control!' and someone else posted this message: 'I feel like a kid that daddy left since he left office. Like come back and get us. We are sorry, we are not gonna act up again.'

Someone else wants Michelle Obama for president: 'Listen I need Michelle with the Fabuloso!!!! Sasha and Malia in there doing chores. They need to come home now.'

Other than this, Tamar is offering her gratitude to her diehard fans who have been supporting her since forever.

You should check out the emotional message that she shared on her social media account the other day.

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