Tamar Braxton Has A New Podcast Episode Out

Tamar Braxton Has A New Podcast Episode Out
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Tamar Braxton has a new podcast episode out. Check it out below.

'And there you have it folks. The 2.0 EXTRAORDINARY version of getting “honest with Tamar” self who has truly dedicated herself into putting in the work for my constant change, but also putting in the work so That I can help you make the changes from the uncomfortable you to help transform yourself to the BEST you. Guys...I was not ok. I needed lots of help and I was afraid to ask for help. My whole life was crumbling around me And I couldn’t save it nor fake it anymore.. it was all too heavy and I knew that I couldn’t carry this weight alone,' Tamar captioned her post.

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'I decided to give help a try and look how I and my life has changed since I decided that doing good enough just wouldn’t do! Im so proud of myself and today I’m celebrating my wins and strides. I still have a ways to go but I remind myself that I’m a kings kid and I deserve an EXTRAORDINARY Life.. isn’t that why God made me “extra”😉 this podcast has changed my life for the better. It’s a constant reminder that it’s ok to #stayunderconstruction🚧 and if it’s worked for me, it’s gonna work for you. Remember NOTHING is too hard for GOD🙏🏼 & you are not alone... let’s continue to #stayunderconstruction Together 😍 I ❤️you🍀 *link in bio*' she continued.

Someone said: 'You’re not alone sis! We’re all our own worst enemy and we all have room for growth. Accountable isn’t easy but it’s necessary ❤️✊🏾'

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One other follower said: 'It’s your strength in unapologetic honesty that we love Tay ❤️' and a commenter posted this: 'Taking accountability & growing from toxic behavior is so dope ❤️'

One other follower said: 'I wonder how this matured and evolved @tamarbraxton now views and the thinks about her experiences with our community helpers TD Jakes and Iyanla Vanzant? Btw thanks for always sharing and being open. I love it here.'


a commenter posted this: '@tamarbraxton I’m a huge fan of yours beautiful please support my new book God smiled on me watch me rise I’m a domestic violence survivor hardworking single mom thank you 🙏🏽 😍😍😍'

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