Tamar Braxton Had This To Say About The Reports That 'Braxton Family Values' May Be Coming To An End

Tamar Braxton Had This To Say About The Reports That 'Braxton Family Values' May Be Coming To An End
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Ever since its initial launch in 2011, the television show Braxton Family Values has attracted millions of viewers as the series has offered a glimpse into the turbulent lives of Toni Braxton and her sisters.

However, recent reports suggest that the long-running television hit may soon get canceled, supposedly because its ratings were too low.

Even though the sixth season of the show marked an improvement in rating numbers comparing to the fifth one, it is rumored that this might not be enough to save the production from being canceled.

Besides, it was reported that the famous siblings Tamar Braxton, Trina Braxton, Traci Braxton, and Towanda Braxton were not satisfied with their contracts with WE tv and allegedly, there were ongoing negotiations to make some changes.

Furthermore, according to recent news, Tamar no longer had a contract with the network, and many believe that this is the result of her feuds with Traci in the fifth season.

A source told The Jasmine Brand : "It's a strong possibility that the show will be canceled. Ratings have declined. The sisters are not interested in what the network is offering in terms of a contract. Tamar is no longer under contract with them."

Following the news about the potential cancelation of Braxton Family Values , numerous fans of the series expressed their disappointment on social media, and Instagram was soon flooded with comments pleading for the show to be continued.

A fan told Tamar: "So is BFV not coming back I miss seeing y'all."

A second commenter added: "Hey, boo! Stop listening to people's 'friends at we tv. We started shooting last year, and we finish this month. As far as ratings and rumors, it's still #1 on the network. At least we not tied with Jerry Springer reruns."

However, there were also people who approved of the series being stopped, as one user of the social media platform stated that the show was repeating the same thing every season, while another claimed the Braxtons have "ridden the gravy train long enough."

One user also voiced the opinion that nothing lasted forever, and the show was starting to get toxic for the family anyway.

What are your thoughts on the show? Will Tamar ever join forces with her sisters again for a TV show?


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