Tamar Braxton Had This Answer When Boyfriend David Adefeso Asked Her To Be His Baby Mama In This Romantic Video

Tamar Braxton Had This Answer When Boyfriend David Adefeso Asked Her To Be His Baby Mama In This Romantic Video
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Tamar Braxton and her boyfriend, David Adefeso, have been taking part in self-quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, according to a new video that surfaced, they might be having a few surprises in the upcoming months.

The singer and the businessman appeared on Instagram live where they were sipping on champagne and goofing around about being in self-isolation.

David took the opportunity to drop two bombshells. He said, do not be surprised that in 9 months that they end up with a corona baby.

Tamar went after him and said she would not be a baby mama and showed her finger and told him to put a ring on it. David was happy to respond by saying that he could fix that quickly.

Tamar recently celebrated her birthday, and David wrote this sweet message: "Little did I know walking into that busy restaurant nearly two years ago that the course of my life would change so dramatically. From the sun-baked streets of Lagos to the white sands of Montego Bay and the bustling city life of suburban Mexico, you have been on a journey with me filled with laughter, tears, hope, and never-ending love. Through it all, your friendship has been invaluable, your counsel irreplaceable, and your love unshakeable. Nothing prepared me for the complete and never-ending joy I experience with you every day. And no matter what crowded clouds appear in the horizon, the sunshine of your smile, the purity of your heart and the kindness of your words never fail to reinforce the strength of the unbreakable bond that is the love we share."

He added: "You are my heart, you are my joy, you are my future, and you are my friend. Happy birthday, my @tamarbraxton. You are the most beautiful girl in the World, and I can’t wait to see what amazing surprises the next 45 years bring us."

Tamar gave this intriguing answer: "Thank you, my sweet love. It’s such a beautiful thing being an Adefeso.💕"

One fan said: "Being an Adefeso" hmmm sounds like all of you married ❤️ 👍😍 Well...Nigerian men always take care of their responsibilities...so enjoy! You would definitely enjoy our beautiful culture ❤️."

Another commenter wrote: "Love you two together wholeheartedly ..I hope you two got married. I would be soooo happy for you 😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️."

Tamar seems ready to take some big steps.

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