Tamar Braxton Goes Blonde And Changes Eye Color In Picture While On Date With Boyfriend Yemi

Tamar Braxton Goes Blonde And Changes Eye Color In Picture While On Date With Boyfriend Yemi
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Diva Tamar Braxton had a sweet date night with her Nigerian boyfriend, Yemi, and she looked sexy as hell. The singer debuted a bleach blonde hair and greenish/grey eye color, and her supporters love the new look.

The reality TV star opted for a classy number for the romantic dinner which was composed of a blazer and skinny jeans.

One fan told the TV personality: "You are so much prettier without the filters. Love the hair. I think it's amazing he doesn't want no probably care to be in Your spotlight!!!! He is for you to keep it that way because you are in the public's eye and no one can eva measure up to all the people!!!!"

Another commenter stated: "Nigeria is special for real. Tamar quotes Tekno. 😍 There really must be something in that African butter. He never choose to be in the limelight she respects his privacy please let them be. Damn so fine looking so beautiful much love and respect to you and yo family have a blessed, blessed night."

This supporter shared: "Bald head Tamar is something of great beauty, but Tamar with some inches do something to my spirit baby! 😩🔥❤️She hide her man Like Beyonce used to hide Blue when she was a baby... I ain't mad at you sis. Sis gone and never coming back 😂😂! Welcome to Wakanda!"

In a recent interview, Tamar gushed over Yemi whom she often compares to the fictional title character played by Chadwick Boseman in Marvel’s Black Panther .

Tamar explained: "You know, I’ve actually had a lot of highlights. I met a gorgeous, real-life “T-Challa” [King of Wakanda], and that’s been going amazing. And you know, a lot of people would think this is negative, but I kinda fell really, really low with my family, but the low was a blessing in disguise for all of us to really come together and be closer than we’ve ever been in our lives. What else? A lot of good things! I’ve been able to explore more television options, because I’ve been contractually unavailable, and so this year a lot of things are opening up for me, and I have a lot of great surprises that I’m excited about. And I have an amazing, healthy little boy who is crazy! How about that!"

Tamar also confessed that she hopes to get married and have a family with Yemi in the near future.

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