Tamar Braxton Continues To Receive Support From Friends And Fans Who Await Her Message

Tamar Braxton Continues To Receive Support From Friends And Fans Who Await Her Message
Credit: BET

Tamar Braxton was reportedly moved to another facility following her suicide attempt and according to the latest reports, she's doing better these days.  Tamar ‘s family was hit by tragedy when  they learned that their beloved Tamar tried to take her own life .

On social media, fans and followers continue to send her prayers and kind thoughts.

Claudia Jordan said: 'Sending you positive energy and thoughts and praying for your healing Tamar! I hated Hearing that you’re in this kind of pain and I hope you know how many people love and support YOU. If you need ANYTHING please say the word! Left my info in your inbox and I am sincerely SERIOUS. Lean on US🙏🏽🙌🏾❤️'

A follower posted this: 'I love her and I’m sending her Love Light and Blessings!!!! I hope she feels the love!!! You also take care of your mental health at this time!!! Sending you positive vibes as well!!

Someone said: 'Sending you Love and Light sister... FIGHT HARD TAMAR Your #PrayerWarriors have activated we are fighting hard with you and for you sister.'

A follower posted this message: 'Love and prayers to you Tamar 💜you are God’s child and you are protected,' and one other fan wrote: 'I love you ❤️ praying for you and your family! Hoping you are okay.'

One other follower said: 'We love you @tamarbraxton !!!! Please pull through!!!! God ain’t done with your here yet .... Logan , your family, friends, and fans need you .... hang on big sis ... sending all the love, and prayers your way.'

Someone else posted this: 'We love you Tay! I Remember all of the years you worked so hard to achieve your dreams!!! You did it! I watched you do it! Praying hard for you Mama.'


Tamar mentioned many times how unhappy she was to be contracted with the network and how she was portrayed on Braxton Family Values.


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