Tamar Braxton And Johnny Wright's New Episode Of 'To Catch a Beautician Official After Show' Is Out!

Tamar Braxton And Johnny Wright's New Episode Of 'To Catch a Beautician Official After Show' Is Out!

Tamar Braxton announced her fans on social media that a new episode of 'To Catch a Beautician Official After Show ' is out on YouTube. Check out her announcement that she made on IG.

'We are back at it again tonight with our official Aftershow at our new time. Tune in to a new episode of Beautician on @VH1 then after come to Youtube for a little more of Me & @johnnywright220. Set your reminders now, like, and subscribe‼️Link in bio and in my story. #TCABVH1 #MondayMadness,' Tamar wrote.

Someone said: 'I just finished watching your show Tamar Blessing to you on your journey.'

A follower posted this message: 'Now, this episode seemed fake, how could she remember she ran a special but she didn’t remember the client and the first braid in the back wasn’t even braided at the scalp!!!!'

Someone else said: 'Look at God 🙏🏾 The Real gonna be cancelled and Tamar prospering,' and one other follower posted this: 'Only if you weren’t in a better space, I would love to hear urs thoughts on the real 🤣cause it about to be canceled.'

Another follower said: 'Awww Tay you been boo loving in this quarantine and eating like everybody else cuz your face is definitely thicker AND it’s beautiful!!! So don’t get offended and go tryna do a 10k mile run. You look beautiful and are glowing.'

One other commenter wrote: '@tamarbraxton I like watching the aftershow but the sound is not great and it is not in stereo. This is an easy fix. #NoShade #JustWantU2BGreat.'

Someone else said: 'Tamar is everything to me like seriously I LOVE HER @tamarbraxton keep up the good work you are slaying it honey YASSSS TAY TAY.'

Just the other day, Tamar Braxton  decided that it’s time to a ddress some issues about her family’s TV show . She shared some thoughts on Twitter, and fans offer their opinion on the matter.


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