Ashanti's Mother, Tina Douglas, Shows That She Still Got In Wild Video And Ginuwine Is Impressed

Ashanti's Mother, Tina Douglas, Shows That She Still Got In Wild Video And Ginuwine Is Impressed
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Ashanti has taken to social media where she delighted fans with a hilarious video of her mother, Tina Douglas, celebrating her birthday in style.

The clip features mama Tina having the time of her life on a pair of roller skates. The original momager showed her fantastic figure in a pair of leggings.

Tina also impressed fans with her impressive dance moves. R&B star Ginuwine stepped in to praise Tina by saying: "I see yah shawty!!!!!"

A supporter stated: "Your mom looks great!❤️ HBD. Black Folk and Skates are definitely a thing 🔥😂😂." A backer revealed: "Imagine having a house big enough to skate through like that."

A third person added: "Mama said she still got it 🙌🏽. The Whole Family Looks Good🥴😍😍."

Like her mom, Ashanti is a strong woman who stands alone -- which is why not many were surprised when she went independent.

She explained: "What led me to go independent? I had offers from seven majors at one time and it was really hard to sit, you know, me being Libra, and be like, "Okay, what should I do? Where should I go? I don't know what to do." And at that time the labels were offering 360 deals, and I'm just not a fan of that, that's not my thing. So I made the very bold decision and scary decision to go independent."

She added: "And just as an artist, that has had success—I'm very humble—and I've had relationships to be able to make phone calls and, you know, strengthen my partnership with iTunes/Apple and things like that. So I think it's beneficial when you own your masters. It's a digital world, you know, at the touch of a button you can expose your music to millions of people."

She concluded by: "So I think just learning to trust myself, learning to be motivated to say, "Hey, your future is in your hands and your destiny," is really important. You have to kind of be in the driver's seat and know what's going on. It's tough being the executive and the artist. I feel like I would be in the studio at some point, and I'm like, "I want to stay in here all night. You know, I want to record for five days." And the other side of me is like, "Yeah, but who's going to pay that bill?" So you have to be like the exec and the artist and still be creative, you know? So I think it was a really great decision now, and I had so many of my peers calling me like, "I should have did that when you did it, and I'm doing it now."

Ashanti inspires her followers in different ways.

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