Tamar Braxton And David Adefeso Trade Barbs After Singer's Shocking Interview

Tamar Braxton And David Adefeso Trade Barbs After Singer's Shocking Interview
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Tamar Braxton is hitting back at her ex-fiancé, David Adefeso , after he dismissed her appearance on the Tamron Hall Show as phony.

David claims that she attacked him and destroyed his property. Toni Braxton's sister responded by saying that she never did such a thing.

The mother of one stated: "Somebody @ this man that according to the court documents he filed.. he states that he has the footage backed up..so is he lying to y’all or the police? Cause he sure lied about domestic violence & the 30k in damages when @tmz he said it was 1600 then 7500? Make it make sense. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

She continued: "I swear I just wanted to tell my truth and maintain my integrity even while being talked about and lied on and constantly attacked for months while I’ve said nothing. I’m being dragged to court from someone who said, “they love me” for a restraining order, and we have NO CONTACT!"

Vincent Herbert's ex-wife added: "As a victim of domestic violence, I take domestic violence accusations seriously...& DAVID was NOT& IS NOT a VICTIM! I wish he had some type of integrity for me and keep whatever happened in our relationship private. I am trying to heal and move on, and I wish he would stop this.

Tamar's interview got a lot of responses; the R&B star was applauded for her strength; however, the new drama with David is a big confusion for supporters.

One person stated: "Man, y’all need to let Tamar live at this 🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all beg for her to speak her truth, through her personal situation that the world knows, but then drag her for speaking her side of things of what happened 🤧."

This Tamar backer chimed in: "She right though that man went on a whole interview tour about how she abused him, but now he can’t release the car audio cause the camera allegedly 'broke.'"

Another social media user added: "‪I don’t understand how y’all beg her to speak her truth and then y’all bash her and say “please heal in silence” ... people heal in different ways.‬"

A fourth comment read: "Did she want her life private? This why nobody takes her seriously.....she needs therapy, and her phone taken. Internet attention is not what she needs."


This is turning into a clash of titans in terms of PR.

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