T.I. Shows People How Gun Violence Is Handled In The U.S. Based On Race

T.I. Shows People How Gun Violence Is Handled In The U.S. Based On Race
Credit: BET

T.I. shared an interesting video in which the subject for debate is how gun violence is handled in America based on race. This clip obviously triggered an intense debate in Tip's comments.

The clip comes after various acts of violence have taken place recently again and the whole community has been searching for solutions which can stop this nightmare.

Tip's wife, Tiny Harris also shared not too long ago a tragedy which discouraged her , according to her message to fans. Anyway, here's Tip's latest video he posted on IG:

Someone said, 'Tbh the black man wouldn’t even have a chance to answer the question bc the cops would have shot him dead, no questions asked.'

Another follower posted: 'Gun violence..... TRY ANY situation where people can perceive you. Double standards are everywhere.'

One other follower said, 'He always spoke the truth in his comedy about the inhumanity on blacks!!!'

A person believes that 'Paul Mooney is always speaking facts in his comedy.'

A fan posted this: 'He’s telling the truth, there kind of justice in America one for a white person and another for a black person.'

Just the other day, Tip shared another interesting post on his social media account.

The rapper had a few words of wisdom for his fans and IG followers. In a recent post, he shared a few elements which he names spiritual transformation symptoms that people should be looking out for.

Tip tells his fans to trust their evolution.

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