T.I. Shares Spiritual Transformation Symptoms To Look Out For

T.I. Shares Spiritual Transformation Symptoms To Look Out For
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T.I. has a few words of wisdom for his fans and IG followers. In a recent post, he shared a few elements which he names spiritual transformation symptoms that people should be looking out for.

Tip tells his fans to trust their evolution. Here's his post below.

'Stay Solid. Stay Focused. Trust your Evolution. Don’t Look Back!!! Your future awaits you. #KingsThoughts,' Tip shared.

Someone said, 'I think there's a shift in the atmosphere and a lot of our people are feeling this.'

Another follower posted, 'Spiritual awakening💛 Trust your intuition, trust the signs it's divine guidance. Don't run from it, embrace it. Break the cycles and keep pushing. Don't give up, you got this!💪🏾'

Someone else said, 'Man Tip I promise to God this is me right now 😔🙏🏾 perfect timing.'

One follower wrote, 'Spiritual transformations or awakening are usually enhanced right after traumatic events. Life will change very quickly. 💕💫'

A person was grateful that Tip shared this and said: 'Thanks for sharing this OG Ti. Exactly what I'm experiencing right now. All God🙏🏾'

One other fan shared their experience and asked for advice: 'There was a guy I used to see and after we parted ways and I moved on I saw and heard his first name everywhere and now I’m seeing his last name everywhere and this happens every single day. I haven’t talked to him in awhile like it’s been a minute. Is the universe talking to me and trying to tell me something? And if so what is the universe trying to tell me and what do I do about it and where do I go from here?'

Have you experienced the 'symptoms' of transformation that Tip is talking about?

Just recently T.I. was photographed with Ice Cube , and this triggered a lot of excitement for their fans who are wondering what these two are working on.

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