John Stamos And Caitlin McHugh Invite Cameras In Their Home While John Supports LGBTQ Pride Month

John Stamos And Caitlin McHugh Invite Cameras In Their Home While John Supports LGBTQ Pride Month
Credit: Source: Caitlin McHugh Stamos/Architecture Digest/Instagram

John Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh Stamos invited Architectural Digest's cameras and photographers into their Beverly Hills, Spanish-style Aerie home and the photos and videos are going viral. Known best for his role as Jesse Katsopolis (he asked for the character's last name to be Greek in honor of his own Greek heritage) on Full House and Fuller House, "Uncle Jesse" is one of the most iconic television characters in history. John and Caitlin married in 2018 and are parents to one-year-old son Billy.

The Stamos home is worth 5. 8 million and fans loved seeing the intimate portrait of their dwelling that Architectural Digest provided. John bought the house in 2005 and told the publication that it has grown with him over the years.

John Stamos told Architectural Digest the following.

"This place is more ‘me’ than any other house that I’ve lived in, starting with the bones of it, which are grounded and old-school. I was able to start as a bachelor and, then, marriage and the kid. I even got married on the property, so it just represents a lot of changes throughout my life."

You can see John's son Billy and wife Caitlin as well as a brief tour of his home in the video player below.

Those who want to see the full story can check out the photos of John's and Caitlin's home on the official Architectural Digest Instagram page.

John Stamos also gave a shout out to LGBTQ Pride month on his Instagram page.

Sharing with his 3.1 million followers, John discussed the 2006 A&E movie he starred in with Eric Dane called Wedding Wars.  John shared a photo from the movie where he stood with a sign that said "Love is Equal" with a rainbow, pride flag behind him.

John expressed the following about being the movie and supporting Pride month.

"Proud to be part of the groundbreaking film, #WeddingWars. One of the first dealing with the issue of gay marriage in a rom-com way. Check it out sometime and #HappyPride !!"

You may see the photo and John Stamos' post below.

What do you think of John Stamos' home? Are you going to watch Wedding Wars ?

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