T.I. Fans Think He Should Agree To Have Another Child With Tiny Harris After This Video Went Viral

T.I. Fans Think He Should Agree To Have Another Child With Tiny Harris After This Video Went Viral
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While having seven children might be considered too many for some people, T.I. and Tiny do not seem to fall in that category.

The two are reportedly considering having yet another child, according to Tiny herself, and they do not seem to be having any trouble keeping up with their current offspring in the slightest.

Of course, that is just one side of the story -- some have pointed out that T.I. has been suspiciously quiet on the situation after Tiny came forward with her statement.

Some have joked around with the idea that he might not have much of a say in the first place, although that does not seem to be the case behind the scenes.

Things between the two have not always been smooth, as they were even close to splitting up for good at one point.

However, after spending some time away from each other, they have decided to reconcile and fix their relationship, and now it is stronger than ever.

Hopefully, this new desire from Tiny's side does not introduce any issues in their relations, as it would not be the first time a couple has split up over disagreements about having children.

However, judging by the fact that the two of them are not shy about having more and more kids, it is not very likely that there's any risk of that right now.

In any case, fans are going to find out in a few months, as it will not take Tiny too long to announce her pregnancy if the two did decide to try for another child in the near future.


One commenter stated: "Go for it you're blessed to be in a position to provide emotionally and financially have all you want babies are a blessing."

A second follower added: "What T.I.P said. If Ryder came out, he wouldn't have a choice; I believe lol."

A third person explained: "You can have as many as you want Tips your husband and it's right in the eyesight of God have another one if you want to Tip loves you he's not going anywhere."

A fourth fan argued: "Adopt babies. There are plenty of black babies in the system with no one to care for them. 👶🏾"

Tiny has a lot going on professionally at the moment.

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