Bethenny Frankel Sobs During Court Hearing As She Shouts That Jason Hoppy 'Tortured' Her

Bethenny Frankel Sobs During Court Hearing As She Shouts That Jason Hoppy 'Tortured' Her
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Bethenny Frankel let out an emotional outburst as her ex, Jason Hoppy testified in court about the supposed harassing texts he’d sent her! Earlier today, they met in front of a judge as part of their legal battle that has been going on for a while.

As fans know, it’s been months since their custody war over their daughter Brynn, 8, started.

The RHONY star and Hoppy split back in 2012 and divorced in 2016!

The following year, the man was legally ordered to keep away from Frankel for half a year as part a plea deal after being charged with stalking and aggravated harassment!

The reason? Allegedly, Hoppy kept sending his ex emails and texts as well as showing up to their daughter’s school to confront her.

Later on, Frankel decided to file a lawsuit against Hoppy to get full custody of their child.

So when he testified about the accusations against him in a hearing today, Frankel had an emotional reaction.

The man mentioned that he did send her some pretty angry emails in response to an article about their divorce.

‘We settled a confidentiality agreement, I just felt like this was like an F-U to me. As I look back on this, I was a jerk. I remember one email where it was like, I think I sent her eight messages about a phone call,’ he said.

From her seat, a sobbing Frankel reacted by shouting that ‘You tortured me. You tortured me!’

When the judge called for a break, the woman protested by saying that ‘No, I want to get this over with’ but the court took a break anyway.

After leaving the courtroom, the reality TV star was heard saying that: ‘He's making it like he was just a jerk. He tortured me every single day. Tortured me every day.’

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