Suzanne Somers Strips Down In New Selfie For Her 73rd Birthday

Suzanne Somers Strips Down In New Selfie For Her 73rd Birthday
Credit: Source: Suzanne Somers/Instagram

Suzanne Somers is shocking the Internet on Wednesday, as the award-winning actress, singer, and author celebrated her 73rd birthday by posing in the nude on Instagram. Sharing a picture of herself with her more than 87,000 Instagram followers, Suzanne was seated in a field surrounded by grasses and in front of a bush of Lazy Susans as she covered her modesty with her hands and smiled at the camera. The photo was taken in Palm Springs, California and is going viral.

Suzanne has been one of the most outspoken advocates about aging in a healthy manner and recommends the use of bioidentical hormones to help slow down the aging process, renew cells and promote well-being regardless of the age you are at.

She has also used alternative healing methods to beat cancer. She has a number of books under her belt and promotes the magazine Life Extension.

Suzanne Somers stirred controversy in the 80s when she sued Playboy for publishing photos of her against her wishes. She posed in the nude for Playboy in the eighties again so she could have more control over the way the photos were handled.

Suzanne shared the following caption with her picture.

"Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!"

You may see the photo that Suzanne Somers shared on Instagram below.

Suzanne Somers is remembered by many for her role as Chrissy Snow on the ABC sitcom Three's Company . She played the character from 1977 until 1982. She then became the matriarch of the Lambert family on Step by Step when she played  Carol Foster Lambert.

Suzanne Somers has always been revered for her beauty and believes that too many chemicals are not only harmful to internal health but external health and beauty as well.

Suzanne uses her own health and beauty line called SUZANNE Organics that don't rely on harsh chemicals that are damaging to skin and health. Suzanne states that her makeup line, skincare products, and hair care products are free of toxins and dangerous, harmful chemicals.

What do you think of Suzanne Somers baring it all and posing nude for her 73rd birthday? Are you amazed at how young Suzanne still looks?

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