Suzanne Somers Dispels Rumors That She Hurt Her Back During Romantic Time With Her Husband

Suzanne Somers Dispels Rumors That She Hurt Her Back During Romantic Time With Her Husband
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Fans of Suzanne Somers know she has had a tough year. Page Six reported on an Instagram post from Somers this week in which she sullenly celebrated her 74th birthday. During her chat with the outlet, Somers touched on the injury that necessitated a spinal cord surgery.

Somers posted a birthday photo for her 73rd this past year, shot by her husband, Alan Hamel, and the outlet says it quickly went viral with many fans noting just how good she looked for her age. However, this past week, Somers said she had fallen down the stairs at their Palm Springs, California home.

Some publications have suggested she may have found herself injured as a result of their active sex life. For instance, Jezebel reported that Somers and her husband have sex twice a day, and it's very possible they were injured in the act.

According to Somers , who is still getting better from a fractured hip that she endured last year, she was waiting at the top of the stairs for her man, and when he reached out to grab her hand, he misstepped and then fell, taking her with him.

The star went on to joke that she had more fun "being on top of him." Subsequently, Somers had to go to the hospital where she got an X-ray. They took her into surgery right away to fix the issue, and she now has a lot of "hardware" in her body.

Somers joked that it was going to be a lot of fun to go through the airports now. With all that said, the actress is getting better, and the pain is slowly subsiding.

While it appears their sex life didn't contribute to the injury, Somers said in the past that having sex with her husband has helped her get better. It's part of the healing process, and it makes her feel a lot better about her condition.

The author of A New Way To Age said she will recover, and she might even learn something from it.

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