Stassi Schroeder Exposed For Asking Tamron Hall To Leave Out Her #metoo Comments After She Claims She Felt 'Put On The Spot' During Interview

Stassi Schroeder Exposed For Asking Tamron Hall To Leave Out Her #metoo Comments After She Claims She Felt 'Put On The Spot' During Interview
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Stassi Schroeder claims that she has taken time to reflect and learn about what she did wrong when she was fired from Vanderpump Rules . Apparently, she actually didn't learn much.

The former reality star appeared on the Tamron Hall Show where she claimed that she's hired a diversity coach and truly realized in what ways she's behaved as a 'Karen.'

In case you didn't know, she called both local authorities and military police on her Black former co-star, referred to Black people as 'those people' while complaining about the #oscarssowhite campaign, titled a photo of herself as 'Nazi chic,' and inferred that many of the women in the #metoo movement were lying -- among other things.

Tamron had her on her show to ask her about her behavior and how she is committed to change. While some people thought that the interview went well on both ends, Schroeder allegedly felt ambushed and unprepared for the questions that were asked.

So much so, that Hall had to address her concern.

Tamron revealed that Stassi's camps asked her to leave out the comments she made about #metoo. She also revealed that Schroeder was given ample information beforehand to be prepared.

Fans, who were already confused as to why she was given such a huge platform after her racist actions, dragged Stassi for her privileged behavior in the comment section of a fan page who posted Tamron's response.

'This is absolutely appalling. Her metoo comments victim blaming were disgusting & she should have had to answer to them....saying she was a Karen instead of saying she was racist to me shows zero accountability & zero growth. Quoting a goddam meme when asked how she’d explain BLM is laughable,' wrote one commentator.

'How terrible that at 32, you decide to apologize but then feel offended that you were not prepared to take accountability. After you asked for those metoo comments to be left out of the interview. Thank God she is not on bravo,' said another follower.

This person added: 'Good for Ms.Tamron for being raw and honest on her own talk show! Only Bravo can make their own network better now and leave Stassi and the rest of the lame, ignorant amphetamine poppers in the past! Y’all saying omg can we have a vanderpump baby spin off?! 🤮🤮🤮🤮 How about @tomsandoval1 and @ariana252525 have their own show the only two people who have actually done something good to and for this world and continue to do so separately and together!'

Hopefully, Schroeder sees this bad press and actually decides to take accountability for her actions.


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