St. Lucia Court Clerk Confirms Kenya Moore's Marriage Certificate Is Real After Speculation That She Faked It

St. Lucia Court Clerk Confirms Kenya Moore's Marriage Certificate Is Real After Speculation That She Faked It
Credit: Source: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have been dying to know if Kenya Moore's marriage to Marc Daly was legal or not after Nene Leakes said that there is no record of them getting married in the eyes of the law. Although the Queen of Twirls brought her marriage certificate to the virtual reunion, there was still speculation that the documents were faked.

There was something suspicious about Kenya's quick wedding to the restaurateur to begin with. Considering the fact that she blindsided Bravo with the news and refused to film with her new husband and adding in this season's drama where viewers saw the way Marc treated his wife and the revelation that she never even met his parents -- some were easy to believe Nene's claims that the relationship was an arrangement.

Moore came with guns blazing at the RHOA reunion when she showed Andy Cohen and her co-stars her wedding license.

However, there were some fans who took to Twitter to call out Kenya for allegedly forging the documents.


' Kenya, girl. That marriage certificate could be just as fake as you claimed Phaedra’s divorce decree was #RHOAReunion,' wrote one.

' OMG!! Kenya and that fake marriage certificate!!!! You can order that red seal from Amazon #RHOAReunion,' added another.

This person tweeted their observation: 'First y'all dog Kenya & say she lying about her fake marriage & there is no license & now when she finally shows yall the prove that everyone was begging for including the cast, now the angle is why is she happily showing it off? Y'all need to pick a side & stay there.'


Now the gossip website The Sun is confirming that Kenya's papers are indeed legal.

The publication said that a St. Lucia court clerk confirmed their wedding license for their June 10, 2017 ceremony.

During the same sit-down, Kenya also revealed that she and Marc are still in counseling .


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  • idele dawson
    idele dawson May 14, 2020 5:27 PM PDT

    I personally wouldn't be showing off my license to a man that dogged me out n don't want u or yr child to meet her grandparents

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