Southern Charm Star Shep Rose Refuses To Back Down On His Opinion About Madison LeCroy's Cheating

Southern Charm Star Shep Rose Refuses To Back Down On His Opinion About Madison LeCroy's Cheating
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Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy’s relationship has caused a lot of drama during Season 6 of Southern Charm, and when Shep Rose voiced his opinion of the situation during a recent episode, he had some of his co-stars and fans thinking he had a double standard when it comes to infidelity. Rose didn’t back down during a recent interview, and instead tried to clarify his comments.

ICYMI, last summer LeCroy busted Kroll early in the morning at his house after it appeared that two women had spent the night. A video then surfaced of the incident that featured Kroll yelling at LeCroy while he was in his underwear and she was trying to question the women. LeCroy was certain Kroll had cheated, and the video ended up going viral.

In retaliation, LeCroy cheated on Kroll, and Rose criticized how she handled the situation during a recent episode. This led to some people thinking Rose had a cheating double standard for men and women, and he wanted to clarify his comments during his appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

He says what he was trying to say is that revenge cheating is never acceptable.

"All right, let's say that someone had cheated on you, and you decided to stay together," said Rose. "That doesn't mean go out and have a ball."

He also explained that last month when LeCroy claimed during her appearance on WWHL that it was OK for her to cheat because she and Kroll had an understanding, that was false. As soon as LeCroy said that, Kroll tweeted that her story was an “absolute fabrication,” and the truth is that LeCroy lied about it to him and begged the guy she cheated with to not tell him about what happened.

Rose said that nobody knew LeCroy was planning to revenge cheat, and he says “it’s unseemly.”

LeCroy says that she is not surprised by Rose’s comment because he is always bitter towards her. Kroll says that Rose and LeCroy don’t get along. And, even though most people don’t go up against Rose, LeCroy is not the type to let things slide.

Kroll and LeCroy ended up calling it quits, and when he later met up with Shep Rose and Craig Conover at a bar, he was upset about the break-up. At first, his friends were happy the relationship was finally over, but when Kroll asked for some compassion, his friends obliged.

New episodes of Southern Charm air Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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