Southern Charm Alum Thomas Ravenel Is Getting Married -- Starts New Custody War With Kathryn Dennis

Southern Charm Alum Thomas Ravenel Is Getting Married -- Starts New Custody War With Kathryn Dennis
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It seemed for quite some time that Thomas Ravenel would never marry and have children. The 58-year-old just welcomed his 3rd child and announced that he was finally going to tie the knot.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel had quite a toxic relationship both on and off camera. The two seemed to finally have been able to figure out how to peacefully co-parent in the last year.

However, the former politician is igniting a new war.

Thomas is marrying Heather Mascoe, the mother of his last baby. However, he wants to completely build his new life outside of Charleston where he has a bad reputation that has carried over to his children.

According to Reality Blurb, Thomas wants to take the two kids he shares with Kathryn to a town two hours outside of Charleston in order to get them a better education.

FITSNEWS shared a letter from the Southern Charm alum's attorneys.

'Pursuant to Section I(D.)(2.) of the parties’ 2019 Agreement, Mr. Ravenel is providing Miss Dennis notice of his intent to relocate to Aiken, South Carolina next summer after the children complete the 2020/2021 school year. Mr. Ravenel believes this move is in the children’s best interest due to the notoriety and negative attention they have received in Charleston as a result of the parties’ public personas. Mr. Ravenel had significant difficulty finding a school in Charleston to accept Saint as a student this academic school year, and he feels the children would not be nearly as prejudiced residing in a smaller town such as Aiken.'

As for Kathryn, he is offering her visitation every other weekend and a month during the summertime.

Sources went on to say that Dennis was shocked by the move and did not respond to the request by the deadline.

Ravenel not only announced his engagement on Twitter, but also said that there would be no need for a prenup.

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