Sources Claim That Julianne Hough 'Changed' After Marriage To Brooks Laich

Sources Claim That Julianne Hough 'Changed' After Marriage To Brooks Laich
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Sources who spoke with People Magazine recently claimed that Julianne Hough "changed" after she married Brooks Laich. Even though she once described Brooks as the "one," over time, their romance slowly began to deteriorate and things no longer seemed as sweet.

On the 29th of May, Brooks and Julianne revealed they were calling it off for good after several months of rumors. A source said at the time that she has evolved a lot as a person since she and Brooks got married, and she's proud of those differences.

"He is the man he is," the source remarked, further adding that Brooks doesn't have to change a thing about himself if he doesn't want to. This past year, the 31-year-old Kinergy founder said to Women's Health that she underwent a "massive transformation."

Moreover, she revealed in the same interview that she was a bisexual woman. Brooks apparently was trying everything in his power to keep Julianne happy but nothing was working. He fought very hard to keep their romance together, but ultimately, it just didn't work out.

In case you missed it, Brooks and Julianne spent a lot of time apart from each other amid the coronavirus pandemic. Paparazzi spotted Julianne on a number of occasions without her wedding band, and she was even seen with another man.

Around that time, Hough described her time away from Brooks a "magical." A close friend of Hough said that it took a "lockdown" for them to realize they weren't meant for each other anymore. Furthermore, Laich has been more content living out in nature.

Regarding how they intend to deal with the aftermath, insiders have stated that they're going to remain close. The source says that both Hough and Laich are looking to stay friends and hope for the best for each other, even if it means having to call off their romance finally.

As it was noted above, rumors of their breakup persisted for months, especially after it was revealed that they were away from each other during the quarantine lockdown.

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