Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich Quarantining Apart - Are They Ok?

Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich Quarantining Apart - Are They Ok?
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It turns out that Julianne Hough and her man, Brooks Laich, haven't been quarantining together amid the seemingly neverending pandemic. A source who spoke with People Magazine recently explained the couple is "still together," but they haven't been self-isolating at the same location.

The insider who spoke with the outlet explained that the 31-year-old actress and the 36-year-old ex-NHLer have been like this from the beginning, however. It's not like their relationship is collapsing, it's just that they like to have their personal space and privacy.

According to People's source, Brooks has been spending time in Idaho enjoying nature which is like home to him. Julianne and Brooks' relationship isn't "perfect," the source added, in fact, they speak to each other on a regular basis, but there are certainly ups and downs.

They enjoy their alone time, and Brooks will be on his way back to Los Angeles once the quarantine order has been removed by the federal government and accompanying states. Brooks and Julianne's marriage has been the subject of social media rumors and tabloid conjecture over the last few months.

It didn't help when Julianne posted a dark, cryptic, social media message on her account earlier this month. Todd Malm picked up on the post from the television personality in which she revealed the last few weeks had been tough on her.

On her account, Julianne posted a picture of herself along with the caption stating she had an "internal fire raging" in her body. She added that her emotions were "deep and raw," and it's all been a wild roller coaster.

You can check out the original post below:

In the same report, it was claimed they were staying together, but as it was noted above, Brooks and Julianne are separate.

Later, Hough asked her followers how they've been doing lately, and the 52-year-old No Country For Old Men alum, Josh Brolin, spoke out and claimed he's been enjoying nature, campfires, and a recently shaved head. The star revealed he shaved all his hair off.

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