Soulja Boy Denies Doing Drugs After Attack On Tyga Goes Viral -- Says He's 'Never Done Crack In His Life'

Soulja Boy Denies Doing Drugs After Attack On Tyga Goes Viral -- Says He's 'Never Done Crack In His Life'
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Soulja Boys erratic behavior has made headlines once again. The rapper wants to clear one thing up -- he has never done crack in his life.

The entrepreneur took to his Instagram Live recently to set the record straight: he had the biggest comeback of 2018.

The reason Soulja Boy addressed who holds the title is that the internet has pretty much agreed that Tyga made the biggest comeback of last year.

With songs like   Taste  and the Nicki Minaj assisted track Dip,  Tyga seemed to be back in his element and fans have confirmed it.

During an interview last year, Tyga alluded that he has finally broken the alleged 'Kardashian Kurse' when he stated: "Anybody that has doubted me, held me back, tried to block me behind the scenes or spread negative energy or stories on me… whoever try to curse me, it doesn’t matter: The curse is broken."

While on Instagram Live, Soulja Boy went on a rant that he has sit back and watched young rappers ruin hip-hop but he's taken the reigns back in 2018. At one point, the game system owner appears visibly frustrated while yelling at commentators.


This isn't the first time Soulja has been in the news for odd behavior. He has beefed in the past with the likes of Chris Brown and rap group Migos.

Between his up and down behavior and slim appearance, some viewers allege that Soulja may be on heavy drugs.

He doesn't take the allegations lightly and chose to talk about it again on the social media platform's live feature.

"First of all, I want to say, for everybody that’s saying, 'Oh Soulja Boy look like he on drugs. Soulja Boy look bad, like he on crack – he on powder.' B****! Don’t play with me like that! I ain’t never did crack in my life, B****! I’m a millionaire! I’m worth m************ $30 million, n****! I never did cocaine in my life ­– don’t play with me like that!"

He also goes on to explain that parts of his face are swollen because of the horrific accident he was in due to the California mudslides. What do you think about Soulja Boys latest rant?

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