RHOBH Dorit Kemsley's Husband PK's Assets To Be Seized Over Unpaid Loan

RHOBH Dorit Kemsley's Husband PK's Assets To Be Seized Over Unpaid Loan
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley's husband is facing serious financial problems . Paul "PK" Kemsley was sued for failing to pay back a $1.2 million dollar loan in 2016, and the creditor is now looking to seize his assets as payment.

PK allegedly borrowed the money from Nicos Kirzis in 2011. Kirzis claims that PK agreed to pay off the loan by 2013 but did not make any payments by the deadline. PK tried to argue that his bankruptcy in 2013 cleared the debt, despite the fact that he failed to list it in court documents.

According to All About The Real Housewives , a judge in New York ruled in favor of Kirzis in 2016 and ordered PK to pay back the loan, along with interest. After handing over around $250,000, PK reportedly stopped payment.

In December, Kirzis started the process in California to seize PK's assets. If PK does not file a counter in time, his monthly earnings, savings account, and property can be confiscated. He currently owes a little over $1.2 million.

To make matters worse, PK also has considerable debt from his gambling problems. The reality star owes the Bellagio millions of dollars, and the casino was just granted permission to garnish his wages. if he doesn't start making payments soon.

The money issues could be why PK and Dorit recently listed their mansion in Beverly Hills. The RHOBH couple claimed they were selling their estate because they had outgrown the space and need more room for the kids.

But given PK's outstanding debt, it is more likely that they will be downgrading to help pay off Kirzis and the Bellagio. If they don't, times are about to get real tough for the pair.

Dorit Kemsley and PK have not commented on the rumors surrounding his money issues.

Season 9 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres Feb. 12 on Bravo.


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  • Debi Silvia
    Debi Silvia Jan 15, 2019 1:27 PM PST

    Well the debtors will b happy to know Dorit carries her berkin bag very well...spent thier money well!

  • victoria andrews
    victoria andrews Jan 15, 2019 12:11 PM PST

    This is another example of Dorito never being in reality. Take their things and she will swear (with an accent) that she donated to charity.

  • karen
    karen Jan 15, 2019 11:11 AM PST

    Aww, couldn't happen to a nicer couple, ahem.

  • Mary
    Mary Jan 12, 2019 9:10 PM PST

    Well...well...Gambling problem...hmm...that would be a great story line. Dorit needs to lower that snobby nose of hers. Beverly Beach went down too. Maybe he should get some more clients besides Boy George. But since their selling their house they probably dont have enough bedroom space for his new clients..since his clients need to live with him too.

  • Ann
    Ann Jan 12, 2019 7:20 PM PST

    The assets should have been seized a long time ago. How did she get plastic surgery with the debt that they owe? Shame on both of them!

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