Sophia Hadjipanteli, Model Who Is Known For Her Unibrow, Stuns In New Photos

Sophia Hadjipanteli, Model Who Is Known For Her Unibrow, Stuns In New Photos
Credit: Source: Sophia Hadjipanteli/Instagram

Sophia Hadjipanteli is breaking the Internet again, after photos of her working for Bulgari Official in Rome have gone viral. The beautiful model made her claim to fame for her unibrow that she proudly displays. Now, she has become one of the most famous faces on social media and her fans are thrilled that she landed the Bulgari campaign. Sharing photos from Rome with her more than 388,000 followers, Sophia looked stunning in a white, eyelet lace skirt and matching crop top. She looked glamorous with a scarf on her head, staring out an open window as Roman architecture lined her view.

Not only is Sophia revered for her beauty, but her fans also praise her for her boldness and bravery as she accepts herself and her unique beauty. At 21-years-old, Sophia is taking the world by storm and making her name in the fashion industry.

Sophia has explained that the name of her unibrow is Veronica.

You may see photos of Sophia modeling for Bulgari below.

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, Sophia Hadjipanteli spoke out about her famous unibrow during an interview with Good Morning Britain.

"And I guess that sort of stubbornness and rebelliousness has made me do literally whatever I want. I think for me it's about being able to walk outside on a busy street in London with something that I know people will have negative, shocking, positive, cringeworthy, uncomfortable reactions to, and still be able to be strong with who I am, and just walk down the street. At the end of the day, I left my house loving the way I looked and try to be true to who I am."

The Greek beauty lived in Cyprus before moving to the United Staes and graduating from the University of Maryland.  Now, Sophia is making a name for herself in the modeling world and has become a social media icon.

Sophia shared numerous photos and videos from her time in Rome and it is clear that she is thankful and happy to be part of the upcoming Bulgari campaign. What do you think of Sophia Hadjipanteli?

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