Wendy Williams Is On Miley Cyrus' Side Amid Criticism For Moving On From Liam Hemsworth So Fast - 'Do You And Have Fun!'

Wendy Williams Is On Miley Cyrus' Side Amid Criticism For Moving On From Liam Hemsworth So Fast - 'Do You And Have Fun!'
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The talk show host came to Miley Cyrus’ defense! As you may know, people have been criticizing the singer and actress for moving on with Cody Simpson so fast after her Liam Hemsworth divorce and short-lived relationship with Kaitlynn Carter.

It sounds like critics are bothered she keeps on changing partners so often and they think she should not be dating at all after ending her longtime relationship with Liam.

But Wendy totally disagrees! The woman, who is also a fresh divorcee, believes Miley is allowed to have as much fun as she wants before maybe finding real love again and settling down.

On her show, Wendy argued that ‘A lot of people are slut shaming her saying, ‘How are you bouncing from one person to another?’… I am not condoning it, but I have to say, why not! She is only 26 she has no children. She did live a pretty confined life as a Disney kid and now she is out here having fun. When it is your time to settle down, you settle down But, do you for right now.’

She went on to add that ‘If my daughter was raised as a Disney kid and everything was buttoned up until she was 18 — have fun! Just don’t catch the HIV… do not get pregnant. A lot of people are really jealous because they do not have men, No. 1, and you moved on to a man, then another woman and another man in only 3 weeks!’

However, there is one thing that the host thinks Miley should do differently.

Wendy argues that the former Disney star should maybe tone down the PDA!

Rather than displaying their affection in public, Wendy is all for having all the fun behind closed doors.


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  • Tasos826
    Tasos826 Oct 7, 2019 8:39 PM PDT

    Defend? Maybe we saw different episodes. Of course, Wendy may take her side, as angry as she is with her ex-husband and the mess he made (righteous anger nonetheless). Wendy did, however, make comments about Cyrus for her seemingly compulsive relationship hopping and a recent scene causing PDA,which weren't flattering or supportive, and she attributed it to being an ex-Disney kid, who had a buckled down existence (while she was paid quite well) until she aged out.

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