Snoop Dogg Lashes Out At Gayle King On Social Media For Bringing Up Rape Allegations Against Kobe Bryant

Snoop Dogg Lashes Out At Gayle King On Social Media For Bringing Up Rape Allegations Against Kobe Bryant
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Snoop Dogg isn't happy with the new video clip of Gayle King discussing the allegations against the late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, who passed away late January in a helicopter crash that killed nine people, including his 13-year-old daughter.

On his social media account, Snoop Dogg dropped a video in which he addressed the controversy. The rapper can be heard saying in the video clip, "respect the family and back off, b*tch, before we come get you."

The rapper appeared infuriated by the comments made by the CBS star, in reference to the sexual assault allegation he was hit with back in the early 2000s during the height of his career. You can check out the rapper's post in the video link below:

By Thursday morning, Snoop Dogg's social media post had 1.1 million likes, including many celebrities and other famous faces. The news of Snoop Dogg's comments come just a few days after King interviewed Leslie, a friend of the deceased basketball player.

Kobe, who died on the 26th of January in a crash in Calasbas, California, was accused of raping a 19-year-old woman in Colorado in 2003. However, all charges were dropped after the woman refused to testify in 2004.

King asked the WNBA player whether Kobe's legend was complicated due to the sexual assault allegation, and she said in response that it wasn't that way at all, because he never seemed to be the kind of person who would act violently toward a woman.

When the interview hit the air, fans on social media were enraged, with the aforementioned rapper chief among them. Later, even King slammed the network, stating that she wasn't happy with the way in which her employers cut the clip out of context.

King says she intends on having a conversation with CBS executives. King claimed she had been seeing the comments regarding the interview she did with Lisa Leslie, and she wasn't happy with the way it was portrayed either.

"I am mortified, I am embarrassed, and I am very angry," King noted.


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