Harvey Weinstein's Defense Team Cross-Examines Model Who Accused Him Of Exposing Himself To Her

Harvey Weinstein's Defense Team Cross-Examines Model Who Accused Him Of Exposing Himself To Her
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On Thursday, Harvey Weinstein's lawyers had Lauren Marie Young on the stand for cross-examination regarding her allegations that the former Miramax producer assaulted her in a Beverly Hills bathroom. Page Six claims Harvey's attorney, Damon Cheronis, grilled the woman in question to hear all sides to the story.

Reportedly, Lauren Marie Young accused Harvey of "trapping" her in a bathroom, groping her, while simultaneously masturbating. Damon Cheronis asked Lauren several questions regarding her claims, including the design and layout of the bathroom, and also how long Weinstein was in the shower.

He then asked if she remembered saying to the DA of LA that she "passed out" during the sexual encounter. The 30-year-old claimed she "blocked it out," rather than passed out. In other words, Young explained that the interaction was so traumatic that she simply blocked it out of her memory.

Reportedly, Marie Young marks the sixth person in Weinstein's trial. She said to jurors this past Wednesday that the disgraced producer pulled off his clothes on the 19th of February, 2013, and pushed her into the corner of his bathroom.

While at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel, Marie Young claims the moviemaker grabbed her breast while masturbating. She says the producer said to her, "how am I going to know you can act?" She also claims the producer told her it was what "all actresses do to make it."

According to the model, Weinstein then ejaculated into a towel laying on the floor. When asked to describe what the producer's ejaculate looked like, she said it didn't look normal. "It was like clumpy," the model remarked.

Additionally, she said to prosecutors that the producer had a "disgusting-looking penis," adding that it appeared as though he didn't have any "balls in the sack." Reportedly, the model's claims are not a part of the charges he has been hit with.

However, they've come as part of his Los Angeles sex charges. As followers of the case know, the 67-year-old movie-mogul is facing several serious charges, related to Miriam Haleyi, Jessica Mann, and Annabella Sciorra.

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