Snooki Is Back On 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' - Here's How Her Co-Stars Feel About It!

Snooki Is Back On 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' - Here's How Her Co-Stars Feel About It!
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Fans of Jersey Shore : Family Vacation are going to really enjoy what's coming because, as it turns out, OG, Snooki is back! That's right, the reality TV star, her real name Nicole Polizzi, is making a much-anticipated return and her co-stars talked about it!

JWoww, Deena Cortese, Pauly D, Vinny Guadagnino, and Angelina Pivarnick, all chatted with ET and shared their opinions on Snooki coming back to the cast.

Deena told the outlet that 'She's Snooki, so she had a very good time. She did not miss a beat. It was like she never left. She returned and it was like we were all whole again. We were so happy to have our Meatball back. I thought that she was done for good. I thought that she was ready to move on. We keep in touch every single day. So once she knew we had moved past [all of the drama] with Angelina and things were settling down, I think that is when she was like, 'OK, maybe, this would be an OK time to come back.''

JWoww then told the same site that Snooki is yet to tell them the reason why she chose to go back on the show.

'She wanted to come back and wanted to make the grand entrance - do it big and surprise us all. I was optimistic, but I still started crying because I, probably deep down inside, I did not think she was coming back. I think it comes down to having such a real relationship with each other, treating each other just like a real family,' JWoww said, in part.

Even Angelina confessed that she was happy to have Snooki back, despite their past drama at her wedding.


They were able to have a proper sit-down and discuss everything that happened between them, fixing their relationship and becoming friends again.

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