Shay Mitchell Talks Pretty Little Liars Reunion -- Says She Would Say Yes To A Movie!

Shay Mitchell Talks Pretty Little Liars Reunion -- Says She Would Say Yes To A Movie!
Credit: Source: Seventeen

Virtual reunions have become a new reality amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The cast of Pretty Little Liars recently had one and Shay Mitchell dished on how it went and more.

Pretty Little Liars had a cult following up until it did what most great shows, unfortunately, fall a victim of at the end of the series -- lazy writing. Fans went into quite the uproar when the Freeform show aired their last episode.

Nonetheless, it doesn't take away from the seven good seasons the series gave fans.

Shay spoke with Entertainment Tonight where she discussed everything from who she's in contact with to if she'd be down for a Pretty Little Liars movie.

'I'm so grateful to connect with them. And truly who knows, maybe if it wasn't over a virtual reunion we may not have been able to get together at the same time. I'm truly grateful we were able to connect even if it was not in person. It was so nice to be able to catch up. I think we had about an hour prior to going live where we got to talk one another which was really nice. It was great. I do see Troian quite often, so it's always nice, but for other people I don't see it was really really special to be able to connect again.'

She went on to say that she was excited for Sasha Pieterse who is expecting her first child. Mitchell says that if her former co-star needs absolutely anything -- she's got her.

There has been an idea, probably started by fans, that the cast should reunite one last time on the big screen. This is something that Shay would say yes to.

'If that was something that was happening, I would jump on board for sure. Absolutely.'

Would you want to see a PLL movie?


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