Shaunie O'Neal Dragged Online For Favoritism Between Cast Members -- Jennifer Williams Joins Fans In Slamming Basketball Wives EP

Shaunie O'Neal Dragged Online For Favoritism Between Cast Members -- Jennifer Williams Joins Fans In Slamming Basketball Wives EP
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Shaunie O'Neal is an executive producer of Basketball Wives meaning that what and who she says, goes. The ex-wife of Shaq is currently facing backlash from viewers over recent episodes of the show.

If you aren't caught up with the series, former women's professional football player who goes by the name of OG has been in multiple heated exchanges with cast members -- mainly Evelyn Lozada. While on a trip to Costa Rica, Shaunie told Jackie Christie that OG is not allowed to the final meal with the other girls because she has been too aggressive.

Fans automatically called out O'Neal for favoritism because Evelyn has been in multiple physical altercations and was seconds away from charging Cece Gutierrez before she fell in the bushes.

Additionally, viewers were quick to call out Shaunie for facilitating drama between cast members but holding OG to another standard.

Before leaving to visit the beautiful country, the businesswoman uninvited Jennifer Williams due to her issues with Lozada.

Williams retweeted a fan's tweet that read: ' So shaunie .... is NOW concerned with safety.... where was this concern for @iamjennifer #BBWLA #BasketballWives.'

Jennifer added her own comment that Shaunie was 'a fraud.'


Meanwhile, the Marijuana vendor's comment section is in shambles.

One commentator wrote: 'J ust because you say it over and over doesnt make it true. @iHeartOG wouldn't allow @EvelynLozada to bully her so you claimed the victim was the aggressor.The obvious colorism this season was disgusting.I know you saw Schooldays, apparently you didn't get the message.'

Another said: ' I hope that they are cutting these imaginary parts out of the agression of @iHeartOG because hun we just aren’t seeing it. But what we are seeing is you being a real adult bully. Being upset that OG defended Cece against Evelyn who was attempting to assault her from the back.'

' You guys kicking OG off the reunion was a new low for you! Evelyn is crying cuz her ex abuser gave her a portion of the receipts haha OG carried the season! No wonder Tami is done.'

She has been deleting negative messages from her Instagram profile.


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  • Mae
    Mae Oct 6, 2019 4:19 AM PDT

    Shaunie just be fair. You are friends with Evelyn. Friendship is friendship but business is business. When Evelyn is wrong let her know it. You sit with that other group and let them talk about the other people and laugh your self. That's not right. Then get together with the others and act like you concern or scared of someone. You can all be some where and you say lets have a good nite but who being up stuff Evelyn and there it goes people fussing and calling names. I am glad CeCe is finally talking for herself. Evelyn thinks she scare. I don't think she is. But Evelyn don't get in OG face just talk noise. You don't stop her. You don't tell her Jesus loves her for the bible tells you so. She cussing and grabbing her private part. Shaunie you have to tell the others to stop not just OG. And yes if Evelyn try to hit OG she will be knocked out. That is why she not in her face and wanting to fight her. Bully knows who to mess with and who not to mess with and OG don't play and not scare.

  • Dee
    Dee Oct 5, 2019 9:07 PM PDT

    Neil what do you mean they are not racist? Evelyn is the racist. First she and Jennifer (don't feel sorry for her, too messy, and seems dumb) called CeCe buisness "happy endings". Called CeCe "ling ling" or "Lee lee" and mocked her speech by hanging her mouth to appear ask if she has long, big teeth like the racist caricature of Asians. Most people seemed to miss the last one. But I did see at least one person mention it. As a biracial part Asian female I find Evilyn's behavior highly offensive as she has made three racist comments without any recourse from Shauna or VH1. Then to add insult to injury she posted a monkey emoji to describe OG. What is most offensive African people in America and Africa have been compared to monkeys included our president Barack Obama. There is nothing they can do to make this better but to release Evelyn of her duties. Boycott VH1. Enough is Enough she must go as she is opening the wounds of division, hatred and racism. I will be getting in touch with groups that deal with this as it must stop. No it is not funny as it is hurtful. Shaunie I read your complicit response take ownership and be the boss you should be. The show is a workplace. where Racial hostility has no place. OG is not volient compared to. Evelyn and Malysia. But she need to learn to express herself better. Keep the killing talk to the field it has no place in every day life. But she has proven she is loyal and protective of her friends. You all have met your match ad you all can't bully her. Shaunie clean it up getting tired of the nonsense.

  • Angel
    Angel Oct 4, 2019 4:16 PM PDT

    Shaunie is a hypocrite and leader of the mean girls crew. Evelyn and Malaysia have shown some very aggressive behavior towards other cast and never once did Shaunie treat them the way she treat OG. Shaunie is fake. Evelyn is a bully. Kristen is a liar. Malaysia another fake one. Feby need to go sit down little dummy. They're all mean girls and I hope OG drop one of them.

  • Marie
    Marie Oct 4, 2019 3:22 PM PDT

    OG have playing Evelyn all along, she broke girl code. Tami was the biggest bully always wanting to fight somebody. But now she knows she had to come down since she got married. Now she's riding her kids coattails and what her chronicle crap that ain't going to last. Cece got her man by cheating. Jackie just crazy. OG has no story line and is the new shit starter. No wig can every make her look pretty 😂

    • Kaebabe
      Kaebabe Nov 7, 2019 6:06 AM PST

      Marie, girl please! Tht shows how childess u are and the ones u defending are! What looks got to do with it dumb dumb👀🤔😅

  • Dante
    Dante Oct 4, 2019 10:40 AM PDT

    Evelyn SCARED!! I hope she didn't forget she slept with Tami's husband. Miss jump on table and throw and bottle. She know she throw one at OG she will draw a nub. She will get the real beat down of her life. Which will be well deserved.

  • Dorian K Lovell
    Dorian K Lovell Oct 4, 2019 10:17 AM PDT

    This season has made me totally sick, Shaunie O'Neal with her complacency about violent actions from Evelyn, carrying a bamboo stick running towards CC? and she says OG is violent? OG might verbalize it, but Evelyn actually acts on it!! Shaunie O'Neal should be ashamed of herself, with someone like her she should be the voice of reason not a catty small-minded grown woman taking the wrong side here, she DOESN'T take a stand!! SHAMEFUL. The season tanked when she put a little rat like Freeby (Feby) on the show, and kept the division alive and well by allowing their bad BEHAVIOR! And dissed Jennifer? Shaunie's lost her mind. I cannot stomach Evelyn. Who can? Tami was the shining star on the show along with Jackie Christie, who's worked hard on herself. Props to Cece and OG for taking a stand against Evelyn's horrible Evelyn, with a young child at home!! Don't back down.. take Evelyn down. IYANLA CAN'T FIX HER🐂!! She's pathetic, so is malicious Malaysia!!! TERRIBLE season. Get rid of them!!

  • Tina Hill
    Tina Hill Oct 4, 2019 7:50 AM PDT

    Hold up, wait a minute now! First an foremost they all to old for this caddy drama periodttt! Secondly, they all been messy or into some sought of drama, but this here girl, “toe g” ooops “og” has taken it to an whole another level!!! She is threatening to “kill” people, more than once, and afflict bodily harm. She is overly aggressive in my opinion. And dont mind literally throwing her weight & strength around. After all she is an professional at it!!! S IJS!🤷‍♀️

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Oct 4, 2019 12:25 AM PDT

    OG and CeCe are correct, Jackie knows it and is also the heart of the show. This show has already lost Tami, top level. Shaunie has stated multiple times Tami won't come because of Evelyn. These are the only times as of late I have been able to respect Shaunie. It's hypocrasy, nasty, gross, beyond words. I don't want to give ratings to the show by watching the reunion. I support all the fans with Jackie, OG, CeCe. The show took a big hit with the loss of Tami.

  • Nell
    Nell Oct 3, 2019 8:01 PM PDT

    All of them are crazy and talk to much, Og made a statement about Eve wearing corn rows to Costa Rica but she had a blond wig on.????? Who cares how someone wears their hair.That can be taken as racist as well. Og uses the words killing someone,that should not be Taken lightly. Yes there's has been others with aggression but telling some they will kill is on another level.Tamny,Jackie, Malasya,Eve and others had aggressive behavior but I don't remember the verbal us of killing If someone told me they will kill me i gonna get me some protection I don't take threats lightly. Shaunie is the BOSS every job I worked i had follow the boss rules and regulations or look for another gig. As far as Jennifer goes you dont talk about people children you asking for wup$$. Everybody said when Tammy left they wasnt going to watch,Tammy was the biggest bully of all her leaving the show didn't drop the ratings now they want Eve off or they won't watch,or if they for Og they won't watch. I don't think none are racist its just the way the world is point blank. They all run thier mouth a little too. Just made for Tv.

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