Men Involved In Mac Miller's Death Arrested For Dealing Him Counterfeit Drugs

Men Involved In Mac Miller's Death Arrested For Dealing Him Counterfeit Drugs
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According to a report from Page Six, police arrested three men during their investigation into the death of the late rapper, Mac Miller, who passed away last year in September from an accidental overdose from counterfeit pills.

US prosecutors confirmed on Wednesday that the three men were taken into custody for providing the drugs leading to the rapper's unfortunate death. The men involved, according to the unsealed documents in LA, were accused of conspiring and distributing cocaine and oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl.

Ryan Reavis, 36, from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Stephen Walter from LA, 46, and Cameron Pettit, 28 from West Hollywood, were all indicted on charges and had previously been charged with other drug-related offenses.

The charges laid on Wednesday, yesterday, on the 2nd of October, were chief among them. As it was previously reported, Mac, died in September 2018 from an accidental overdose because of fentanyl, alcohol, and cocaine.

The passing of Mac Miller took the entertainment and music industry by storm, making Mac another person to succumb to the opioid epidemic sweeping across the United States which has since claimed thousands of lives.

Other rappers and performing artists to pass away from fentanyl-laced drugs includes fellow artist, Prince, as well as Lil' Peep, who died in the previous year. The three aforementioned men face a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years, including potential for life without parole.

Furthermore, Pettit and Walter were hit with other charges, including being a felon in possession of ammunition. Ironically, Mac's rapping skills and expressions of drug use made him an icon in the hip-hop scene and established him as one of the biggest names in the game.

Previously, Mac was in a relationship for two years with the singer-songwriter, Ariana Grande, until they broke up in the beginning months of 2018. She later went on to date the SNL star, Pete Davidson, to which she later entered an engagement with, however, they broke up as well. Page Six also reported that Ariana Grande is hoping those responsible for Mac's death are held accountable.

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