Shaunie O’Neal And Evelyn Lozada Are Publicly Slammed By This Former 'Basketball Wives' Star For This Reason

Shaunie O’Neal And Evelyn Lozada Are Publicly Slammed By This Former 'Basketball Wives' Star For This Reason
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Tami Roman is not holding back and has decided to spill all the tea as to why she decided it was time to exit Basketball Wives -- as it turned out, it was not only the drama with Evelyn Lozada that pushed her out the door -- it had a lot to do with her relationship with Shaunie O’Neal.

The reality TV star sat down with Keyshia Cole on her new Fox Soul talk show One on One With Keyshia Cole , where she did not hesitate to throw Basketball Wives executive producer O’Neal under the bus.

Roman said this about her spectacular exit at the end of season 8: “I thought in my mind that we were close. I thought that we had a camaraderie and sisterhood and mutual respect for each other. I found out over the past three seasons that the lack of friendship was shown rather than the sisterhood as it pertained to me, which was unfortunate because I care for Shaunie.”

She went on to talk about what many of her co-stars have been saying -- O’Neal prefers Lozada over all the other ladies:

Roman revealed: I think that when I went back to the show, Basketball Wives LA in 2015, I thought that cast was great. We had Mehgan [James], and we had Brandi [Maxiell], we had Malaysia [Pargo], Jackie [Christie]. I thought it was great. And then 2016 entered what I like to call the demon seed.”

She went on to say: “The whole dynamic changed. And for me, it was just not a happy place to be once she returned. And this is no secret. She doesn’t like me, she never has liked me, I tried to be friends, and so now I’ve accepted that she doesn’t like me, so now I don’t like you.”

When asked about making peace with Lozada, she confessed: “I tried numerous times. I really and truly did, and to find out that there were a lot of workings going on behind the scenes and emails being sent and negative, derogatory things being said about my health and my miscarriages all the way up to network executives, I felt like at that point, that was crossing a line for me. So there was no way we could have worked together, for me.”

The ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal said Roman crossed a line with the rumor that the father of her children slept with Lozada.

She recently said: “I think that that whole mess affected the relationship between Tami and I. I didn’t want it to because I did feel like Tami was telling me because she gave a damn, but I think that what was in question was ‘when.’ This has been going on for so long, or you’ve known for so long. Why now?”

The drama i/s reaching new heights.


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  • MomofAJ
    MomofAJ Feb 24, 2020 11:30 AM PST

    Tami, talk about your role in the messiness. You only rocked with OG because she doesn't like Evelyn. Like Shaunie is asking, when were you going to say something in ALL the years that you knew? Girl bye.

  • Nichcoleo
    Nichcoleo Feb 23, 2020 10:27 AM PST

    But before the rumor when tami would want to Kiki about Evelyn shawnee would be Stone face but would Kiki with Evelyn about tami and that when things changed.

  • Arkansas Girl
    Arkansas Girl Feb 23, 2020 7:03 AM PST

    Tami Roman keeps talking and talking about Basketball Wives but yet she says she's moved on. Every other word that comes out of her mouth has Shaunie or Evelyn in it. Have you truly moved on? I'm tired of you and ALL the drama. Truly catch your life!

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