Sharon Osbourne Gets Backlash Over Suggesting ‘Big Women’ Are Never Truly ‘Happy’ While Congratulating Adele On Her Weight Loss!

Sharon Osbourne Gets Backlash Over Suggesting ‘Big Women’ Are Never Truly ‘Happy’ While Congratulating Adele On Her Weight Loss!
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Sharon Osbourne congratulated Adele on her massive weight loss on The View but now, people are mad about it on social media! The reason is that she suggested ‘big women’ are never truly happy!

As you can imagine, such a comment offended the fat positive community.

Users were fast to call her out for the ‘unnecessary’ comments Sharon made on the show.

It all started when she stated that ‘It was her time to lose weight, that’s all, in her journey, in her life.

This followed the singer’s post from her birthday party in which she looked slimmer than ever after having lost no less than 150 pounds!

But Sharon went on to suggest that the transformation was much more about her mental health rather than her outer appearance.

She argued that ‘When these women say they are happy in their body, I do not believe them. My body was really, really big. But I was not happy. Sure on the surface, but just at night in bed alone, I was really unhappy. [Adele] must have felt, you know what, I'm going to try and lose weight for wherever reason — health, I am sure. She did not do it for anyone else but herself. And so, everyone should be happy for her.

Well, unfortunately not everyone was and many were also even less happy with Sharon’s statement!

One fan tweeted in response ‘That is solely because women like you make statements like this and make them feel like they should not be [happy]. Just because YOU were not happy in your bigger body does not mean other women cannot be.’

Another person similarly argued that: ‘Adele lost weight for her OWN reasons. Don't try to apply your slighted logic to all women that they have weight they need to lose. Sit down, Sharon. This comment was unnecessary.’


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  • Joanna
    Joanna May 19, 2020 10:37 AM PDT

    We live in a society where one can't say anything without getting slammed ... even if what you say is the truth, e.g., fat is uncomfortable; clothes look better on slimmer people; heavy people are judged as being lazy, even if they're not; losing weight can lower health risks; and, as Mental Mama pointed out, if people thought being overweight were fine, the diet industry (which is huge–no pun intended) would not exist.

  • Metal Mama
    Metal Mama May 17, 2020 6:58 AM PDT

    Sharon is right. Most overweight women are NOT happy with their size. That's the freakin truth otherwise the diet industry would not exist. THINK ABOUT IT. The magazines would be filled with bigger women instead of those who are very skinny. Society standards do not approve of large women. Smaller women are more often than not chosen for employment, made fun of (beach whale, pig, etc.) This is a published fact. There have been multiple dissertations on this subject. I totally agree with Sharon. Most larger women are not happy with their body size because the media, society dictates what is attractive. If you don't like it then TRY to change it. It would take a massive change in the attitudes of men and women. Ha, when I went to post this comment a diet program popped up below. So there you have it. The truth.

  • Sharon
    Sharon May 16, 2020 1:07 PM PDT

    Sharon Osbourne needs to keep her opinions to herself as she is not a mind reader

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