Erica Mena Makes Fans Happy With This Photo Of Her And Safaree's Baby Girl

Erica Mena Makes Fans Happy With This Photo Of Her And Safaree's Baby Girl
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Erica Mena went shopping with her and Safaree's daughter, and she shared a photo in which fans can see the baby girl's chubby feet, and they are in awe. Check out the pic below.

'Skies out thighs out for lil mama😍' Erica captioned her post.

She continued and told a fan who gushed over the baby's feet that 'She kicks them up when she feels the sun. It’s like she knows she needs that natural vitamin D already.'

Another follower said: 'If having a baby gets your body like that, I’m trynna see something later,' and someone else posted this: 'Aww look at the baby legs!!! I bet she’s a cutie!'

A commenter said: 'I just wanna see her😩. I know she's gorgeous!! Stop with all the teasing. We luv y'all,' and someone else posted this: 'She’s taking for a walk, is not like she’s taking her to the mall or a restaurant! Baby.'

Another follower said: '@iamerica_mena where are you putting your storefront love?' and one fan posted this: 'The way that ass sits up in them leggings sh*t you gotta want her.'

Somoene else gushed over Erica and told her: 'You are naturally beautiful! God bless your baby girl,' and another commenter said: 'Yes, a good daily stroll will not hurt anyone, and I'm sure she is protected well.'

Another fan posted: 'Awww look at them lil legs! you're gorgeous as ever!' and a follower wrote: 'I'll be the first to guess that the baby's name is Selena, because of your love for the late Selena.'

Erica and Safaree did not reveal their baby girl's name yet, and fans are dying of curiosity.

Erica was recently in the spotlight when she shared a racy pic on her social media account in order to tease her fans, but it looks like her IG followers are not the only people she managed to tease with this thirst trap that she shared.

She also impressed Safaree, who hopped in the comments and left some message for his gorgeous wife.

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