Shania Twain Reveals How Her Son Eja Helped Her Cope With Robert 'Mutt' Lange Divorce

Shania Twain Reveals How Her Son Eja Helped Her Cope With Robert 'Mutt' Lange Divorce
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Shania Twain and Robert "Mutt" Lange concluded their divorce proceedings approximately one decade ago, and Twain has opened up about it now. When Twain stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show earlier today, the 54-year-old performing artist reflected on her ex-lover, and how her child helped her push through it.

According to E! Online, Shania claimed that one of the primary aspects of being a good parent was to be "selfless." The singer-songwriter claimed there are moments where a person can easily become self-obsessed, however, when one becomes a parent, they have to say to themselves, "No, I'm a mom," to get back on track.

Twain explained that raising her son was great for that. It took her away from dwelling in her own negative emotions, and instead, forced her to focus on parenting her child.

The star went on to quote a famous line, possibly directed at her ex-husband, "you have to live to survive to tell the story," that way the hunter can't get the glory.

As it was previously reported, Lange and Twain first revealed they were splitting up in 2008 after approximately fourteen years of marriage. The divorce proceedings concluded in 2010. Fans of the ex-couple know that their relationship didn't end on a positive note.

In fact, Robert Lange allegedly slept with her friend, Marie-Anne Thiébaud. When Twain stopped by the set of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen back in 2015, Cohen asked her what she would say to her friend, and she responded, "I wish I'd never met you."

Interestingly, Twain went on to marry her friend's ex-husband, Frédéric Thiébaud around one year after her divorce. She later dropped a brand new record, Now, in 2017. For Twain, releasing that album was a great move, because it allowed her to become "super independent musically and creatively."

Robert helped Twain with nearly every aspect of her career, including production and song-writing, and also rearing her kids. When they had to break up, she lost more than just a husband. She lost a business and a creative partner.

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