My Chemical Romance Cancels Japanese Tour Dates Due To Coronavirus Scare

My Chemical Romance Cancels Japanese Tour Dates Due To Coronavirus Scare
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Following the news of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, My Chemical Romance had to cancel its dates in Japan. In the band's Twitter statement, they explained they would no longer be going to Japan at the end of March to put on a series of shows.

The band, in a statement written in both Japanese and English, claimed they were told by their Japanese promoter to cancel their concerts for the safety of the public. They chose to take that advice to heart, and are shutting the concerts down.

MCR added that they were hoping to reveal alternative dates for their fans, however, news of their cancelation came out, and they had to quickly reveal the news before rumors and speculation began. With that said, the group is committed to rescheduling their concert dates and will announce them sooner rather than later.

As it was previously reported, MCR was supposed to put on a headlining show, in addition to making a stop at Download and Dirty Honey Festivals near the ending of March. Furthermore, they were slated to drop by Australia later this month.

As it was previously reported, MCR, who broke up back in 2013, revealed extensive plans for touring this year, including their first tour of the North American continent in nine years.

The band kicks off their tour on the 9th of September at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, until the conclusion at Las Vegas' Mobile Arena on the 11th of October. Regardless of their cancelation, the group's reunion has been great news for fans.

On the 1st of November, Bridget Hill claimed the notorious emo-rock band was coming back together after a six-year hiatus.

The band, whose most famous for tracks like "Helena" and "Welcome To The Black Parade," revealed on their respective accounts online that they were bringing their talents back to the stage again.

As for what the group has been up to lately, Gerard Way, the frontman of the group, released a critically acclaimed comic called Umbrella Academy. It was later turned into a Netflix live-action series. It started in February of this year. Other members of the group went on to create their own musical projects.

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