Shania Twain Announces New Residency In Las Vegas

Shania Twain Announces New Residency In Las Vegas
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According to a report from Page Six, Shania Twain just announced her second residency in Sin City following news that her fellow singer, Celine Dion, just finished her latest residency.

As it was previously reported, industry executives in Las Vegas have remarked that Celine changed the game in the city, paving the way for more contemporary artists to start-up their own residencies, ending decades-old stigma.

Before Celine Dion started her first residency sixteen years ago in 2003, Las Vegas was known for being the place where artists went to ride the final waves of their career. However, now, artists such as Lady Gaga and more have begun taking to the city, even Drake and Zedd have done the same.

Furthermore, Cardi B also has plans to begin her very own residency, albeit a short one, this year. According to an article from The Daily Beast, hotel and casino owners jokingly "Thank God!" for Celine Dion on a regular basis, because of the impact she has had on the city.

Recently, Shania Twain said, "everybody knows Vegas is awesome and it's only getting better." As it was noted above, Vegas has housed massive stars during the final portion of their busy careers, including Cher, Wayne Newton, as well as the remaining members of the Rat Pack.

According to NBC News, Gwen Stefani, Pitbull, Boyz II Men, Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Calvin Harris, Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars, and Britney Spears have launched their own residencies in Las Vegas since Twain finished her initial residency in 2014.

Shania said to reporters there are some definite benefits to performing at a residency, including the fact a performer doesn't have to travel as much anymore. Moreover, technicians can take advantage of the state-of-the-art technology that would be too expensive and cumbersome to bring on the road.

Moreover, Twain admitted she has struggled with voice issues in the past on account of her Lyme disease diagnosis, thus, she can manage her conditions now on account of the rarely-changing weather. After a fifteen-year hiatus, Shania released her 2017 album, Now . Fans of the singer know she is one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Shania hasn't been without controversy, however, including in the past when she emphasized with Trump supporters - a big no-no for those in the entertainment industry.

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