Ammika Harris Asks Nosey Fans To Back Off Amid Chris Brown Baby Reports

Ammika Harris Asks Nosey Fans To Back Off Amid Chris Brown Baby Reports
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Rumors have been going around that Ammika Harris is expecting a child with Chris Brown and as you can imagine, everybody wants to know more! But the woman took to social media to remind people that she is a human being too so she needs some privacy as well as ‘love’ and ‘respect.’ Ammika did not confirm or deny the reports, obviously preferring not to talk about it publicly and she made it clear that she needs some of Brown’s nosey fans to back off.

On Instagram stories, she wrote earlier today that: ‘I wish everyone could continue living their own life and stop assuming or speak about someone’s life like they know them personally.’

This comes days after speculations that she is carrying Chris Brown’s second baby started going around.

‘I grew up in a family where we minding (sic) our own business, respect other people’s life (sic), and show love always. PLEASE RESPECT MINE,’ she added.

It all started with an unnamed source telling Page Six that the baby he’s expecting with Ammika is what led to his breakup from Indyamarie.

In fact, before this unexpected new report, there were speculations the exes were having a child of their own!

What got the fans talking was Chris referring to Ammika as his baby mama online.

Then, on her 26th birthday, the woman mentioned that she was ‘blessed with the most beautiful gift [she] could ever ask for.’

Social media users wondered if the gift was not a baby in the oven and Chris’ birthday tribute did not help deny the suspicions since he called her a 'momma.'


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