Shahs Of Sunset Star Reza Farahan Criticized For Claiming His Co-Star 'Had Ten Abortions'

Shahs Of Sunset Star Reza Farahan Criticized For Claiming His Co-Star 'Had Ten Abortions'
Credit: Source: Bravo

Shahs of Sunset gained popularity on Bravo because of the hilarious friendship between Mercedes Javid and Reza Farahan. Unfortunately, the two are no longer friends and their feud recently went too far.

MJ and Reza are at each other's throats over a rumor that she was the one who instructed  Ali Ashouri to say that Reza's husband was playing naked Jenga with other men and that he was sexually harassing him.

The confrontation between Farahan and Ashouri happened while MJ was in the ICU after giving birth to her first child. Reza called Mj in the hospital to talk about what happened and ask if she was the mastermind behind the drama.


Javid was understandably upset that the person who she calls her best friend of three decades wanted to talk about the incident while she was nearly on her deathbed.

The two collided at a pool party where Mercedes ended up throwing water on her frenemy's face. In turn, he yelled in front of the attendees that her uterus exploded because she had ten abortions.

The new mom tweeted about the moment with fans who were both in shock and outraged by what they heard.

'Did Reza just say to MJ “you had 10 abortions. Your uterus exploded cuz you had 10 abortions”!? He needs to be fired from this show. OMG! I’ve never heard anything so disgusting in my entire life. I’m so hurt for MJ. What a disgusting and vile human.' said one.

' Just finished the episode. I’m in shock!! Now I understand why MJ said on WWHL there is no chance of mending their friendship. Reza is a terrible friend & what he said was unforgivable. #TeamM' added another.


This viewer chimed in to say: ' @BravoTV You have fired people for being boring, lying, etc. Time to fire @RezaFarahan Words don't adequately express how vile his comment was. Elated Reza doesn't want to be a father - no child should be raised by such a piece of shit. So sorry @MercedesJavid #ShahsOfSunset.'

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