Reza Farahan Says Golnesa Gharachedaghi Has Had The Most Growth After He Is Slammed For Not Being There For MJ

Reza Farahan Says Golnesa Gharachedaghi Has Had The Most Growth After He Is Slammed For Not Being There For MJ
Credit: Source: Bravo

This season on Shahs of Sunset, viewers witnessed the end of a 30-year friendship between Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid. Fans who saw the way Reza treated MJ when she was in the hospital had a lot to say when he treated Golnesa Gharachedaghi the opposite.

Reza, along with some other familiar Shahs, were there to welcome GG's son Elijah home.

If you watched the recent installment of the Bravo show, you'd know that one of Mercedes' problems with Reza stem from when he called her after surgery to confront her about possibly starting a rumor that Adam Neely was playing naked jenga while Farahan was out of town.

To this day, Reza has never met baby Shams.

However, Golnesa took to Instagram to thank her friends for setting up the biggest surprise after giving birth during this global pandemic.

Fans immediately scolded the group for giving a warm welcome to GG who had a perfect delivery versus not going to visit MJ when she was nearly on her deathbed.

'Sad, you guys didn’t do this for MJ. You’re all being very mean to a baby that is innocent and doesn’t deserve your hatred. You talk about bullying, but yet you do the same if not worse. Shame on all of you,' one fan wrote.

'So sad you guys didn’t do this for MJ who went thru a really bad labor ... who’s your friend of over 30 years ... 💔 her baby deserves as much love as you are showing now to GG’s ....... very disappointed in Reza and definitely don’t like Adam,' said another.

This follower commented: 'Hmm funny the same support was not shown to MJ who had a crazy serious delivery.'

Reza didn't directly respond to the criticism. Instead, he applauded Gharachedaghi for showing the most growth.

'@gg_golnesa BY FAR, has had the most growth, PeriodT! If you’ve been a fan since season 1, or you just started watching, I know you must agree. This moment is FOR HER and ABOUT HER. She’s EARNED every WORD of praise, every check-in and hangout. She’s someone I love, and I’m lucky to call her a friend and cast mate. She, just like @mikeshouhed and #MJ, have been there with me since day one. And just like when she said: “You did that, that was you “😜I also did this. She and I have had the pleasure of thriving together at a great stage in our lives. Take it in G, WE ALL LOVE YOU! And remember, operators are standing by.'

Meanwhile, MJ congratulated GG on her healthy baby boy.


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