Shahs Of Sunset: Mercedes Javid Says That Quarantine Has Made Her Speak With Divorce Lawyers

Shahs Of Sunset: Mercedes Javid Says That Quarantine Has Made Her Speak With Divorce Lawyers
Credit: Source: Bravo

It's approaching nearly half of a year since the nation has been facing this scary pandemic and it seems that couples are breaking up one after another. The casualties of quarantine are hitting close to home for Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes Javid .

The Bravolebrity recently opened up about how quarantining with her husband and child is affecting their marriage. She was honest when she spoke to The Daily Dish about the arguments that she and Tommy Feight have gotten into.

At one point -- she has spoken with divorce lawyers just to know her rights.

'During quarantine, when Tommy and I would get in our little lovers’ quarrels, I have been known to, over the past four months, to call my family law attorney like, ‘So, what are my rights?' And he’s like, ‘First of all, honey, it’s going to cost you five grand just to pick up the phone and call me and file.’ Like, OK!''

Thankfully, no fight has been bad enough to the point where they have seriously considered breaking up their adorable little family. She opened up about how she does a lot of reflecting to keep their union going strong.


'I just tell myself, I’m the woman, to be strong. I’m the woman, I should be practical, pragmatic, be loving, be nurturing, just let him calm down, and we’re gonna circle back tonight, and everything will be cool. I’ll say something loving, and then we’ll get through it. That happens, and then … fireworks again.'

She does question why things get as tense as they do and chalks it up to their respective careers.

'I sit there, and I’m like, why the eff would we fight? We’re both busting our butts doing our best every single day, and yet, I feel like he wants to divorce me.'

Shahs of Sunset fans know that the two truly make each other better. Hopefully, they can keep going strong.


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