Saweetie Clarifies Her Remarks About Men Needing To Buy Women Birkins Bags

Saweetie Clarifies Her Remarks About Men Needing To Buy Women Birkins Bags
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Saweetie sparked a massive controversy in the entertainment world when she came out to say that men should buy their girlfriend's Birkins bags. Since then, celebrities, social media users, and rappers have been discussing the purpose of luxury items and whether they do any good.

Saweetie released a video on her social media this month in which she claimed that if a man doesn't want to buy his woman a Birkin, "then throw that n*gga back to the streets." At the time, Saweetie was promoting her latest single, "Back to the Streets," featuring Jhené Aiko.

Ever since her comment, which most likely was just meant to be a promotional tactic or even just a joke, other entertainers have been discussing the significance of expensive gifts in relationships or whether they matter at all.

For instance, people like Yaya Mayweather, Safaree Samuels, YK Osiris, Lil Durk, T.I., Offset, and Cardi B have all chimed in on the debate . Considering she started the whole controversy, it looks like Saweetie has come out to end it.

During a new interview, Saweetie said that it was just an "entertaining comment." The rapper went on to say the bag was a "gift of value" and said people should stick within their means and buy only what they can afford.

Saweetie went on to comment on the importance of women and how they should be given gifts and celebrated by their man more often. She says women "create life." The rapper went on to say that "women are magical creatures" and they deserve to be treated like "a queen."

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Saweetie said people should buy the things they want for their partners, but don't worry about looking cool on social media or in society. She added, "because I don't want you to clean out our savings" to meet other people's expectations.


During the same interview, Saweetie was asked just how many bags she owns, and she said she has "four." Cardi B was in the headlines this month as well when she showed off her massive collection on the 'Gram.

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