Lil Pump Says He's Moving From The USA If Joe Biden Wins

Lil Pump Says He's Moving From The USA If Joe Biden Wins
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Lil' Pump is just one other rapper who has come out in support of President Donald Trump amid the 2020 election this year. It has become a running joke in recent months for celebrities, entertainers, and even Trump himself to threaten to leave the USA if Joe Biden and the Democrats win this year.

In case you missed it, the president of the USA claimed Joe Biden was the worst candidate of all time, and if he were to lose to him, it would be the most embarrassing thing he could possibly experience. Donald said he would leave the USA out of pure humiliation.

Trump joked that he was going up against the worst presidential candidate in "the history of politics," before going on to say he would have to leave the country if he lost. Stars such as 50 Cent have said the same thing, although, he later backtracked on his remarks.

Lil Pump joined the list this weekend as well after he posted a short Instagram video on his account in which he hoped out loud for the president to win his second term. The rapper said if Joe Biden won he would have to pack his bags.

As most know, this wouldn't be the first time Lil Pump has been in the headlines for his choice in social media expressions. The rapper found himself the target of concerned fans who sent him a swath of messages after he appeared to insinuate that he was going to commit suicide.

Many of the rapper's fans - and detractors - either defended him and told him to seek out help or wondered why it has become a common thing for entertainers to complain about mental health issues. Either way, Lil' Pump will probably spark the wrath of the entertainment industry due to his support of the president.


Another rapper who found himself the target of social media warriors was Lil' Wayne, who was put on blast after he met up with the president to discuss programs and reform for black Americans.

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