Justin Bieber Is Doing A Lot Better Now After His 'Really Suicidal' Phase

Justin Bieber Is Doing A Lot Better Now After His 'Really Suicidal' Phase
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Justin Bieber has had a turbulent life as a pop star. The singer-songwriter became famous when he was a young boy and he came under fire frequently for his behavior in the spotlight. Over the last few months, Justin has been a lot more candid about his mental health struggles.

In a documentary shared on the 30th of October, Bieber touched on his challenges once again. In Justin Bieber: Next Chapter , the singer-songwriter claimed he fought against depression and suicidal thoughts for many years.

Bieber says in the clip that he was "really suicidal," and he often asked himself if the pain was ever going to go away. The singer said, "It was so consistent, the pain was so consistent." In addition to sharing his personal experiences with mental health problems, the singer-songwriter had some words of advice for his fans.

Justin said, "Hey if you're feeling lonely, talk about it." While Justin has certainly struggled with his emotions, the performing artist did have a silver lining toward the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

In recent news, the singer-songwriter was in the headlines when he and Hailey Baldwin revealed they were doing better now than ever before. According to Bieber, he and Hailey have a lot more confidence in their relationships as a consequence of a lot more time spent together.

Additionally, Justin talked about his canceled world tour and how he would have to adapt to that. As it was previously reported, Justin announced he was postponing the tour for his Changes album earlier this year.

At the time, reports came out stating that Justin Bieber's tour had to be downgraded in a number of locations due to low ticket sales. For instance, Justin had to move from stadiums to arenas, although, sources said the coronavirus pandemic was playing a role in the ticket sales.


Others, however, argued that Justin's new record wasn't quite as popular as his last album, Purpose , which was his biggest hit thus far. The record included a number of hit singles, including "What Do You Mean?" "Purpose," "Where Are U Now?" and more.

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