Sarah Jessica Parker Is Going To Introduce Her Own Line Of Wallpaper

Sarah Jessica Parker Is Going To Introduce Her Own Line Of Wallpaper
Credit: people

Sarah Jessica Parker 's latest venture, a collection of wallpaper co-created with her long-time interior decorator and longtime friend Eric Hughes, lives up to the reputation she's built for impeccable taste.

The Sarah Jessica Parker & Wallshoppe collection was handpicked by the actress and her longtime friend and business partner, Hughes, and has 15 prints available in 193 different iterations priced between $68 and $299.

As Hughes tells PEOPLE, the two of them met through a mutual friend and hit it off right away. This shared interest in art and decoration has always been a cornerstone of their connection.

Hughes has worked with a wide variety of famous people, including Andy Cohen, Katie Couric, Hank Azaria, and Lauren Graham, as well as constructing various residences for the actress over the years.

Hughes had the idea for the wallpaper collaboration while he was working with Parker to decorate her New York City apartment during the pandemic. The instant Parker heard about it, he was on board.

Everything in the collection has some sort of personal significance for Parker, from the classic silhouettes to the surprising florals, plaids, graphics, and other designs.

Hughes claims that she has a heightened awareness of color because of how very important it is to her. In a lot of ways, she forced us to leave our safe zones. Before we worked together, Wallshoppe had already established a reputation for an entire palette of colors that was noticeably softer and more subdued.

Further from Hughes: Sarah Jessica prefers bold, rich hues. The red, for example, will be a geranium red of the deepest hue. Specifically, a peacock teal blue if you must do blue. It was fascinating to see her go off and create the color scheme for all of these.

When Parker was preparing for her Sex and the City revival series And Just Like That..., she and Carrie uncovered the above pink version of a gigantic teal blue carnation.


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