Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Looking Forward To Their Wedding - Details!

Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Looking Forward To Their Wedding - Details!
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Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are looking forward to their wedding day now that the actress has wrapped up filming for Modern Family. While their plans are still not on their way because of the coronavirus pandemic, one insider report claims to know that the couple is really excited to wed!

As fans know, the last ever episode of the show she was on for no less than 11 years aired yesterday, April 9.

What that means is that the sky’s the limit for Sarah who is looking forward to her future career moves but also personal ones!

The biggest of them all is her upcoming wedding with Wells Adams since it is something they both ‘can’t wait’ to do!

The man proposed in July of last year while they were enjoying an amazing vacation on a Fiji private island.

Now, one source updated fans via HollywoodLife on their plans for the future, saying that they are ‘not sure what will happen in terms of a wedding date or location.’

Of course, that is because of the current coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine order.

But regardless of the fact that they are yet to make serious plans ‘Sarah and Wells can’t wait to make things official and know it will be special no matter what. So, [Sarah] knows she will be busy to say the least.’

As mentioned before, Sarah is also looking forward to her future in the acting industry as well, a second source stating via the same news outlet that she ‘thinks it is the sky’s the limit for her career after Modern Family. She is enjoying her time off, she is certainly well off financially and does not have to work again, but she wants to star in her own shows and do movies that make her happy.’


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