Julianne Hough Reveals She Has Gone Through Dark Times In The Last Few Weeks

Julianne Hough Reveals She Has Gone Through Dark Times In The Last Few Weeks
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Julianne Hough, like many other US citizens, is finding it tough to adjust to the new measures brought on by state and federal governments. As most know, many nations around the world are under quarantine right now as the coronavirus continues to make its way across borders.

People Magazine recently picked up on a post from Julianne Hough in which she revealed a slideshow of photographs that depicted how her life has been going over the last few weeks. Hough said on her account that she has an "internal fire raging" in her soul at the moment.

Her emotions have been "deep and raw," and it's made her past week a "wild ride." You can check out the reality star's Instagram post below:

The television personality went on to ask fans how they've been feeling lately. The 52-year-old No Country For Old Men star, Josh Brolin, shared that he's been shaving his head and enjoying campfires. Reportedly, the 31-year-old has been hiding out at home with her husband, Brooks Laich.

A source who spoke with the outlet this past month claimed Julianne and her man were going through a tough spot in their relationship earlier in the year. Regardless, social media posts and insiders have shown that Julianne and Laich are practicing social-distancing at home.

He recently made breakfast for her and they later had a cooking competition. Around Christmas time, however, things were tough between them a source stated, but Brooks refuses to let their relationship collapse.

During an Extra interview on the 20th of March, Hough was asked if she thought there would be a baby boom during the outbreak, and she stated that this was going to be a great time for people to finally reconnect and reach out to each other again.

The reality star went on to say that it's been a great time for them to reflect on their lives and what's important. While some countries have stated precautionary measures will be in place for months yet, the United States president revealed that he hopes to have the country open soon.

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