Samuel L. Jackson Slams Martin Scorsese's Recent 'Theme Park' Comments Regarding Comic Book Movies

Samuel L. Jackson Slams Martin Scorsese's Recent 'Theme Park' Comments Regarding Comic Book Movies
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According to a report from Collider, Samuel L. Jackson recently came out to respond to Martin Scorsese's comments regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Earlier this week, Martin stirred the pot when he stated that Marvel movies weren't true "cinema," because they failed to communicate the psychological and emotional experiences of one person to another.

During an interview with reporters from Empire Magazine, Martin stated that despite not taking the time to see many of the comic book movies, he felt they lacked the human experience that makes movies so great to see, to begin with.

While speaking with reporters from Variety during Tyler Perry's opening party for his new Atlanta studio, Jackson gave his real opinion of what Martin had to say. Jackson claimed that Scorsese's remarks were akin to someone saying "Bugs Bunny ain't funny."

"Films are films," Jackson remarked, adding that not every person on earth likes Martin's movies either. Jackson went on to add that everybody out there has an opinion, and it was ok. It's not going to stop people from making films anytime soon.

Jackson wasn't the only person to respond to Martin's remarks either. This past weekend, the Guardians Of The Galaxy director, James Gunn, stated that he was disappointed to see what Scorsese had to say about comic book movies.

Beginning with praise for the director, Gunn stated he was deeply offended when people protested The Last Temptation Of Christ without even seeing the movie, adding that he was sad to see Scorsese doing the same thing to his movies.

This comes after The Irishman concluded its world-wide premiere where it was hailed by critics and audiences alike. The movie hits theaters on the 1st of November and Netflix subscribers can stream it on the 27th of November.

It was reported earlier this year and late 2018 that The Irishman was difficult to make on account of the de-aging technology used on the film's main stars, including Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, as well as Joe Pesci. Regardless, fans of the MCU claim that Scorsese is merely guilty of "elitism."


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