Safaree Puzzles Fans With This Video In Which He's Shirtless And Watering The Garden

Safaree Puzzles Fans With This Video In Which He's Shirtless And Watering The Garden

Safaree shared a video on his social media account which left his fans and IG followers a bit puzzled. He's watering the garden, or at least, that's what he says he's doing,

Just check out the funny clip that he posted on IG below.

'Fellas if you wanna WATER your garden like this I got something coming for y’all real soon!!Real SOON! I’m sharing this knowledge ‼️💪🏾 stay tuned! #noshirtgang this is not a thirst trap 🌚🌚' Safaree captioned his post.

A follower told him: 'You are grown pull ur pants up. Tacky as hell,' and someone else agreed: 'yes yes yes I was thinking the same thing as a grown man nowhere they should be wearing there pants like that.'

A commenter wrote: 'both of you ladies are correct but he is at home. On the other hand, he did post this to Social Media. All love at the end of the day.'

A follower said: 'Best to water at night time! The sun just drinks up all the water defeats the purpose!' and someone else posted this: 'Lol why you need a glove in your own yard.'

A commenter posted: 'That GEORGIA SUN HITS DIFFERENT, DON’T IT BRUTHA!!!!! I just stopped by to welcome you, your beautiful wife, and an adorable little baby to THE CITY IN THE FOREST!!!! I love you guys!!! Stay safe.'

Just the other day, Safaree made his fans smile when he showed them a dream come true.

Safaree  let his fans and followers know a while ago that one of his dreams came true: he and  Erica Mena  found their dream home and they also closed the deal!

People congratulated the couple and wished the two all the best. Now, Safaree is back and shows his IG followers another dream come true and people laughed in the comments.

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